On 22nd July the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon of the PSP, through the Police Division of Oeiras, in the town of Carnaxide, municipality of Oeiras, arrested a 42-year-old man for the crime of a qualified homicide in the way tried.

The suspect had met during the afternoon and evening with the victim. At one point he left the scene and returned about five minutes later, carrying a stone, which he threw violently against the victim’s head, and the fled to his home.

The suspect then returned with a knife in his hand, ran towards the victim and stabbed him in the abdomen at the same time. time that shouted “I’ll kill you …”.

He was then apprehended by several witnesses, thus preventing further attack.

PSP attended the scene and arrested the assailant.

The victim was transported to the Hospital Lisboa-Oeste Hospital – São Francisco Xavier Hospital, in Lisbon, where she underwent emergency surgery, and is presently with a reserved prognosis.

The detainee was taken to Police Division of Oeiras and has appeared at the 1st Judicial Interrogation, with the District of Lisbon West, and has been remanded ib custody.