On 10th August the PSP arrested four men, between 17 and 21 years in connection with 27 robberies.

The group always attacked together and chose young, fragile and isolated victims. They are believed to have carried out at least 27 robberies with threats of aggression, knives and even syringes. The crimes occurred in trains, stations on the Cascais line and near schools. The robbers threaten victims not to make complaints to police.

According to information provided the attacks started at the start of the year. The first complaints came to the PSP in February and following the viewing of video surveillance at train stations, and the accounts of victims and witnesses.

On 10th August at 7:00 a.m., the PSP conducted five searches in Cascais neighbourhood and arrested four suspects. It is not ruled out that there is at least one other who has not been caught. Knives were seized, daggers, a saber and a bat and hashish. They still had a camera and a mobile phone that is suspected to have been stolen.

According to the PSP, the thefts occurred “mainly on trains and railway stations on the route to Cascais, as well as at schools in the vicinity.” The victims were chosen not to offer resistance. The thieves threatened the victims with bladed weapons, aggression and reached the point where syringes, which said that infected were involved. They stole money, mobile phones and goods they could sell quickly.

Feeling persecuted, the robbers later approached some of the victims, trying to force them to withdraw complaints in PSP.

Detainees are under detention and will appear in court in Cascais today.