A woman convicted of the double murder of her daughters, aged 19 months and 4 years, on the beach of Giribita, in Oeiras, in 2016, was condemned by the Cascais Court and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In the reading of the sentence, the collective of three judges of the Court of Cascais considered that Sónia Lima “entered with the daughters in the sea with the intention to take their life”.

“The defendant acted freely, deliberately and consciously, for the purpose of taking the lives of her daughters …. and knew that it was conduct punishable by law,” said the president of the judges.

On the night of 15th February, 2016 , Sonia Lima entered the sea on the beach of Giribita in Caxias, Oeiras municipality, with her two daughters. The warning was given by a taxi driver who stopped at the site and heard cries for help. The 19-month-old girl was still rescued alive by the rescue teams but did not respond to first aid and eventually died on the spot. The body of the four-year-old girl was only rescued on the sixth day of searches.