The GNR Fiscal Action Unit, through the Detachment of Tax Action of Évora, seized, on January 6, more than 48 tons of tobacco leaf, in the district of Castelo Branco.

In the scope of the investigation house search and two non-domiciliary searches were conducted and the following seized:

• 48 073 kg of tobacco leaf packaged for sale to the public (equivalent to a tax owed to the Portuguese State of almost 8 million euros in the Special Tax on Consumption and VAT);
• 10 380 euros in cash;
• Various tobacco labeling and packaging materials.

The accused made use of agricultural facilities to store, process, package and distribute leaf tobacco to several retailers located in the national and Spanish territory, as well as in some cases directly to the public.

The 62-year-old detainee, indicted for committing crimes of qualified tax fraud and fraudulent introduction of qualified consumption, was made a defendant and, after being present at the Central Criminal Court, subject to the preventive detention order.

The action was supported by the Tax and Customs Authority, under the coordination of the Central Department of Investigation and Criminal Action