In the period between January 1 and August 15, 2018, the national database of rural fires recorded a total of 7670 rural fires that resulted in 34791 hectares of burned area, forest areas (19377 ha), bush (13433 ha ) and agriculture (1981 ha).

Comparing the figures ​​of 2018 with the previous 10 years, there were 40% fewer rural fires and 49% less area burned than the annual average for the period 2008-17.

The year 2018 presents, until August 15, the second lowest in the number of occurrences and the 5th lowest amount of burned area, since 2008.

Of the total fires 4850 were investigated, (63% of the total number of fires – responsible for 17% of the area burned

Of these, the investigation the causes were established in 3421 fires (71% of fires of those investigated.

To date, the most frequent causes in 2018 are: the uncontrolled burning of pasture (66%), 14% deliberate and re-ignitions 9%.

A total of 56 fires were caused by discarded cigarette butts and 34 from fireworks or BBQs %