Between April 14 and 18, in the municipality of Tavira, the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), the Portuguese Army, through the Emergency Military Support Regiment (RAME) and other Civil Protection Agents (APC) together with entities with a duty of cooperation (EC), will participate in an exercise called “FÉNIX18”.

This aims to test the response to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake scenario, with an epicentre in the fault of Santo Estevão (Tavira), resulting in a high level of damage, both human and infrastructural, in the Algarve Region.

This exercise, promoted by the Army, in close coordination with the ANPC, through its District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of Faro, began (STARTEX), at dawn today (April 14), at 05:00 hours, reaching its climax on 16 and 17 of April.

Exercising the response capacity of RAME at the request of the ANPC in the event of an earthquake, is one of the main objectives of this exercise, as well as to train and complete the integrated response system of the various APCs and ECs of the Region.

The exercise will be played with the various APC and EC facilities on the ground (LIVEX mode), which will undertake 5 different scenarios, and combines the opportunity to test the Special Civil Emergency Plan for Seismic and Tsunami Risk for the Algarve Region (PEERST-ALG).

CDOS FARO Communication no 3 – 13th April 2018