Communiqué of the extraordinary Council of Ministers of January 21, 2021

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The Council of Ministers approved the decree that makes a series of changes with regard to the measures that regulate the extension of the state of emergency decreed by the President of the Republic.

In view of the worsening situation in the Covid-19 disease pandemic, and after analyszing the information shared by epidemiologists and public health specialists, the Government determines:

– the suspension of academic and non-academic activities and social support, as of January 22 and for a period of 15 days, comprising:

Teaching and non-teaching and training activities in public, private and cooperative education establishments and in the social and solidarity sector of pre-school education and basic and secondary education;
Early childhood support activities for dayc are centers, family day care and childcare, social support activities developed in the Occupational Activities Center, Day Care Centers, Social Centers, Leisure Activities Center and senior universities.

– the adoption of the necessary measures for the provision of food support to students benefiting from the A and B levels of school social action;

– the identification, in each group of schools, of an educational establishment and in each municipality of a day care centre, family day care centre or nanny that promotes the reception of children or other dependents in charge of essential service workers, whose mobilization for service or readiness prevents them from providing assistance to them;

– the closure of all leisure activities, all dance and music establishments, as well as school sports activities;

– the suspension of professional training activities carried out in person, carried out by training entities of a public, private, cooperative or social nature, which may be exceptionally replaced by training in the distance regime, whenever conditions are met;

– the closure of the Citizen’s Stores, maintaining the face-to-face service by appointment, in the branch network of the different services, as well as the provision of these services through digital media and contact centers with citizens and companies;

2. A decree-law was approved that creates an exceptional and temporary regime of justified absences motivated by family assistance resulting from the suspension of academic and non-academic activities, in the context of the COVID-19 disease pandemic. Like this:

– are considered justified absences, without loss of rights, except for remuneration, absences from work motivated by unavoidable assistance to a child or other dependent under 12 years of age, or, regardless of age, with disability or chronic illness;

– self-employed workers, self-employed persons and the convergent social protection regime are entitled to exceptional support to the family in the case of absences given outside the fixed school break periods (school holidays);

– clarifies that the mutual exclusion between access to the support provided for in the decree-law that creates extraordinary support for the progressive resumption of activity in companies in a situation of business crisis with temporary reduction of the normal working period, and access to the extraordinary incentive to normalization the business activity in force until January 2021, inclusive;

– it is clarified that the values ​​additional to the remuneration compensation do not imply additional charges for employers.

3. A law proposal was also approved, to be submitted to the Assembly of the Republic, which approves a set of measures related to the suspension of time limits for the practice of procedural and procedural acts that must be practiced within the scope of the processes and procedures that run terms in judicial courts, administrative and tax courts, Constitutional Court, Court of Auditors and other jurisdictional bodies, arbitral tribunals, prosecutors, judges of peace, alternative dispute resolution bodies and tax enforcement bodies.

4. The decree-law that alters the administrative regime in the context of the situation of calamity, contingency and alert was approved and proceeds to the administrative order of the duties imposed by the state of emergency.

Communiqué of the extraordinary Council of Ministers of January 18, 2021

In Portuguese here;

1.The Council of Ministers today approved a decree that proceeds to a set of amendments regarding the measures that regulate the extension of the state of emergency decreed by the President of the Republic until 23:59 on January 30 (Decree no. 3- A / 2021, of January 14), and which come into force on the day following its publication.

In order to respond to the movement that has occurred in the past few days, which, although it has been smaller, is not sufficient to face the current pandemic status of Covid-19 disease, it is necessary to clarify the restrictive measures applied and to adopt additional measures with with a view to reversing the accelerated growth of the pandemic. That way:

prohibition of movement between municipalities on weekends;
it is determined that all goods and services establishments close at 8:00 pm on weekdays and at 1:00 pm on weekends and holidays, with catering and similar services being prevented from taking-away and home delivery permitted. The food retailer can operate at weekends until 5 pm;
in restaurants and similar establishments, the sale of any type of drinks at the door or wicket is prohibited, and the consumption of meals or products at the door of the establishment or on the public road is also prohibited, and only the sale of packaged products is permitted;
closure of all restaurant and similar spaces located in commercial complexes, even for take-away, which can only work for home delivery;
the sale or delivery to the door of the establishment or to the wicket (click and collect or take-away) in any establishment of the non-food business is prohibited;
all balances, promotions or sales campaigns that promote displacement and concentration of people are prohibited;
it is forbidden to stay in public leisure spaces, such as parks or gardens, only being allowed to go for short walks;
it is foreseen to open establishments dedicated to leisure activities for children under the age of 12 (the ATL for children aged 12 and over remains closed);
the closure of senior universities and day or social centres for the elderly is determined;
to reinforce the mandatory nature of telework, it is determined that:
all workers who have to travel to perform on-site work require a credential issued by the employer;
all companies in the service sector with more than 250 workers are required to send, within 48 hours, to the Working Conditions Authority the nominal list of workers whose face-to-face work is considered indispensable.

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