Communique of Council of Ministers 6th January 2022


1. The Council of Ministers approved today the resolution that amends the measures in the context of the calamity situation, among which the following stand out:

– Mandatory telework regime throughout the mainland national territory until the 14th of January;

– Bars and clubs reopen on January 14th;

– The limits relating to the occupation of publicly accessible spaces are maintained (maximum indicative occupancy of 0.20 people per square meter of area, with the exception of establishments providing services);

– The rules for access to tourist establishments or local accommodation, events and shows and gyms are adjusted, and access depends on the presentation of the EU COVID Digital Certificate in any of its modalities, on the presentation of proof of vaccination attesting to the complete vaccination schedule, with proof of a negative test being carried out, including self-tests, under the terms to be defined by the DGS and the INSA;

– In access to bars and clubs (after the closing period), access to major events, visits to residential structures (namely homes) and visits to health care establishments, the requirement to present test negative, unless demonstrated to have been vaccinated for at least 14 days with a booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine;

– The special measures in terms of testing for the purposes of international flights are extended until February 9, 2022;

– The prohibition of the consumption of alcoholic beverages in open-air spaces with access to the public and public roads is foreseen, with the exception of the open terraces of restaurants and similar establishments duly licensed for this purpose.

2. The decree-law amending the measures in the scope of the Covid-19 disease pandemic was approved, aiming to streamline the procedures applicable in situations of isolation periods with regard to infected but asymptomatic or mildly diseased persons, or persons who constitute high-risk contacts, whose reduction was determined by the Directorate-General of Health to seven days.

To this end, it is necessary to replace the provisional declaration of prophylactic isolation, until now issued only following contact with the Contact Center of the National Health Service (SNS24), by a provisional isolation declaration that can be issued by use automated mechanisms and be applicable both to situations of prophylactic isolation and to situations of isolation.