Communique of the Council of Ministers 25th March 2021

Communiqué of the electronic Council of Ministers of March 26, 2021

The Council of Ministers today approved, electronically, the decree that regulates the renewal of the state of emergency, which will be in force until 23:59 on April 5.
The current rules are maintained, introducing:

  1. the extension of the ban on movement outside the municipality of the home, daily, starting at 00:00 on March 26 until 23:59 on April 5, without prejudice to the exceptions provided for;
  2. the possibility for the Government member responsible for the health area to determine the strictly indispensable measures related to the processing of personal data by the health services and by the municipal or parish services, within the scope of the operations necessary to implement the vaccination plan against Covid- 19, namely for the purpose of making contacts for vaccination.

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