Communique from the Council of Ministers 9th June 2021


1.The Council of Ministers approved today the resolution declaring the Situation of Calamity throughout the continental territory until 23.59 hrs 27th June 2021 (in Portuguese here)

Based on data on incidence by municipality as of June 8, and taking into account the criteria defined for some territories, the municipalities of Lisbon, Odemira, Braga and Vale de Cambra are not progressing to the new phase of deconfinement (phase 1), these will remain with the measures of May 1st.

Continuing the strategy of surveying containment measures within the scope of combating the COVID-19 disease pandemic, the following MEASURES WILL COME INTO FORCE AT 00:00H ON JUNE 14, (midnight 13th/14th June)  applicable to municipalities that are advancing in deconfinement (level of incidence less than 120 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the 14-day cumulative assessment, or less than 240/100,000 in the case of low-density territories):

Food and non-food retail trade activities operate according to the respective licensing schedule;

Restaurants, opening hours are until 00:00 for admission and closing at 01:00 (6 people inside or 10 people in open terraces);

Cultural facilities close at 01:00h, access being excluded for entry purposes from 00:00h;

Other establishments and facilities open to the public not mentioned in the previous points close at 01:00h;

Deconcentrated public services will provide face-to-face service without the need to make prior appointments;

Lojas do Cidadão maintain face-to-face service by appointment, as well as the provision of these services through digital means and contact centers with citizens and companies;

Events of a family nature, including weddings and baptisms, with capacity limited to 50% of the space in which they are held;

Practice of all amateur training and competitive activities, including academies levels, the presence of the public being admitted provided that they have marked places, maintain distance, have access rules and a limit of 33% of the total capacity of the sports venue;

Practice of all amateur training and competitive activities, including academies levels, outside sports venues, with the presence of the public being admitted with capacity limits and rules to be defined by the DGS;

Public transport must ensure, when there are sitting and standing places, a maximum capacity of 2/3 of its capacity for land, river and sea transport, with no capacity restrictions when transport is provided exclusively through seated places ;

In taxi and TVED the front seats cannot be used by passengers, only the full capacity of the rear seats.

Teleworking is no longer mandatory and is recommended when activities allow it in all municipalities on the mainland, which are included in phase 1. Braga, Lisbon, Odemira and Vale de Cambra maintain the same rules, telework remains mandatory when activities permit.

The following measures are also adopted, applicable to the entire continental territory:


With regard to the performance of diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2, it is now provided, by determination of the health authority, the possibility of workers who, regardless of employment relationship, modality or nature of the legal relationship, work in locations of work with 150 or more workers;

It is also subject to the performance of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests, in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the DGS, whoever intends to attend or participate in cultural, sporting, corporate or family events, including weddings and christenings, whenever the number of participants exceeds that defined by the DGS for the purposes of testing participants in events.

2.The decree-law amending measures in the scope of the COVID-19 disease pandemic was approved, namely with regard to matters of resuming social support activities and human resources.

In this context:

-the resumption of social support activities developed in day centres with functioning coupled with other social responses is determined, as of July 1, 2021;