The Judicial Police, through the Board of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, concluded and sent to the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Oeiras, an investigation involving twelve defendants, six women and six men, three of whom were arrested because they were mentors and the main perpetrators of a criminal scheme which, at least since 2006, has defrauded around 13 insurance companies totalling more than two million euros.

The defendants contracted insurance policies, essentially life insurance and personal accident insurance, using, in some cases, false identities.

To give an appearance of normality, they initially paid the premiums contracted, subsequently participating in non-existent claims, resulting in supposed degrees of high disability or death of the policyholders, situations that justified with the delivery of false documentation, including clinic, receiving the damages which they declared, as a rule, of very high amounts.

In one case, the incapacities invoked were, after receiving compensation from insurance companies, used to obtain invalidity and tax benefits.

The main parties involved also used the criminal scheme to liquidate housing loans in advance, with associated life insurance, which they and other defendants had.

They falsely invoked their deaths in claims , and required insurance companies to repay mortgage loans to lending credit institutions, thereby full ownership, free of burdens and burdens, by extinguishing the mortgages of real estate they inhabited.

In the searches carried out and in the patrimonial and financial investigation carried out with the defendants, it was possible to seize pecuniary amounts amounting to approximately forty-five thousand five hundred euros, as well as to seize five urban buildings with a global patrimonial value of approximately five hundred and sixty thousand euros and two vehicles, of high capacity, valued at approximately fifty-two thousand euros.

Of the three main stakeholders, one is obliged to remain in the home with electronic surveillance and the other two, with the obligation of periodic submission to the authorities.