The Governing Board of the Internal Administration held a conference on “Urban Safety – Municipalities and the Protection of Public Space” from January 31st until February 2nd at the São Francisco Convent in Coimbra.

The conference brings together over 300 representatives from municipalities, security forces and services, researchers and civil society to discuss relevant issues in the area of ​​Internal Administration with impact at the local level.

On January 31st, the theme of urban security will be developed by specialists in the field who will discuss the various dimensions of crime prevention in urban centres and their relationship with strategies developed by local authorities. David Thomas president Safe Communities Portugal spoke on the subject of “The Role of Community organisation in the support of Police”

The opening session, on January 31, was attended by the Secretary of State for Local Authorities, Carlos Miguel, and the President of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and the Coimbra Municipal Council, Manuel Machado.

Portugal is considered to be the fourth safest country in the world and the Governance area of ​​the Internal Administration aims to reinforce crime prevention with the involvement of local authorities, key partners in the urban security strategy.

On February 1 there were several working groups which discussed topics such as Urbanism and Urban Space Management, Proximity Policing in Internal Security Strategy, Municipal Police in the Context of Urban Security, Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, Relevance of New Technologies in Security public, Nightlife in urban space, Participation of private security in urban security and Cities of the 21st Century – Migrations and multiculturalism.

On the 2nd, the Conference discusses Local Security Contracts, with the presence of local councils of the municipalities where the program is being implemented, namely the Chairs of Vila Franca de Xira, Maia, Vila Nova de Gaia, Oeiras and Loulé, and councilors of the Houses of Porto, Lisbon and Portimão.

In the debate, the results of this program were presented, putting into practice, at local level, the institutional cooperation between central administration, local authorities and local partners, in interaction with the community, with a view to reducing social vulnerabilities and preventing juvenile delinquency.

There are currently 27 Local Security Contracts in the Country – 6 in the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon, 3 in the Porto metropolitan area, 1 in the Alentejo region, 16 in the Algarve region and 1 in the western intermunicipal community, covering 45 territories.