This conference, the first of its kind, is being organised by Safe Communities Portugal, Regional Tourism Algarve and the ANEPC CDOS Faro. It will be held on 10th May from 0930 to 1730 hrs in Faro at the Hotel and Tourism School Algarve. The overall aim is to ensure that the Algarve remains one of the safest destinations in the world, reflecting the importance travellers attach to this in selecting a holiday destination.

Those speaking at the conference will be the Secretary of State for Tourism, President of the Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fires (AGIF), ABTA the British tour operators association from the UK; President of the Algarve hoteliers association AHETA, the Director Faro Airport, the President of IPMA (Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere), the Comandante CDOS Faro (ANEPC), British Consul, the Mayor of Faro and President Regional Tourism algarve among others.

Most countries throughout the world face various challenges brought about by climate change and other factors. These can include rising temperatures resulting in rural fires and flooding resulting from heavy rain as well as other extreme weather conditions. In addition many countries are at risk of earthquakes and tsunamis. It is important therefore to be aware of the measures in place to anticipate these conditions and understand the effects by assessing and mitigating the risks, in order to protect both residents and visitors in case of such catastrophes.

David Thomas, stated that: “everyone in the tourism industry has a role to play in ensuring the safety of their clients; for instance by understanding weather patterns and how these influence tourists activities; knowing the threats caused by extreme weather conditions such as rural fire risks; how the emergency services respond in crisis situations and the part the tourism industry plays in communication and coordinating with the authorities”.

Some of the objectives of the conference are: to create greater awareness within the tourism industry of the risk of high impact events and the preventive and protective measure that are currently in place; in the event of a catastrophe, outline the communication channels that are in place to disseminate information which can be communicated to tourists; to help the tourism industry (hotels, local lodging, and travel activity businesses) play an optimal role in protecting their clients, in particular front line staff who have direct contact with tourists and to promote the measures that Portugal/Algarve already has taken to protect the safety of tourists, as a means of attracting visitors as one of the safest destination in Europe.

The conference is aimed at those in the tourism industry, namely:  hotel operators, local lodging agencies and managers; tourist activity operators, air travel operators, car hire businesses as well as government officials and interested NGOs, plus the general public.  The conference will be mainly in Portuguese with some presentations in English and English summaries.

David Thomas stated “that this will be the first conference of its type in Portugal aimed solely at the tourism industry, so whether you a hotel employee, letting or managing properties, arranging or leading tours or conducing off road or sea activities for tourists, I would encourage people to attend this unique event”.

Program in English 

Program in Portuguese  

Poster in Portuguese

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