DECO, the Consumer Protection Association, has tested seven red lipsticks, brands for sale in perfumeries, cosmetics and health stores and supermarkets. It found “traces of lead in everyone, albeit at levels below the technically avoidable limit,” reads a statement from that organization.

“In three lipsticks, we also detected MOAH (aromatic hydrocarbons of mineral oils). In view of this, DECO advises against the use of the following lipsticks:

Avril Le Rouge Hollywood 598,

Mac Retro Matte Ruby Woo 707 and

Kiko Kikoid Velvet Passion 05 Burgundy.

According to Deco, Avril lipstick, according to the labelling information, says it does not use ingredients derived from mineral oils and is certified by Ecocert as a “natural” and “biological” product. However, traces of MOAH were found, whose “mere presence is reason to advise against a product”.

“Kiko and Mac also contain MOSH and POSH in quantities greater than those considered safe, the former not even complying with the industry’s own recommendations (Cosmetics Europe),” says DECO. “Maybelline reveals acceptable levels of these substances, but it contributes to the cocktail effect, that is, to overall exposure to them,” he adds.

“The test results apply to the products indicated, not to the full line of brand lipsticks,” explains DECO. “The dyes vary with the shade of lipstick and thus the concentrations of the substances researched, particularly lead, may vary,” adds Consumer Protection.

“We reported the findings to Infarmed, who controls cosmetics,” adds DECO. “Although the quantities of substances of concern are lower than those found in other lipstick tests we have performed, they are still of concern,” they argue.