Overall number reported around the world climbed to about 2,744.

There are 80 deaths, in China from 2019-nCoV an increase from 56 reported yesterday.

95% of deaths and more than 50% of infections are in Hubei province.

769 of those newly confirmed in the 24 hours through midnight Sunday.

WHO’s assessment of the risk of this event has not changed since the last risk assessment conducted on 22 January: very high in China, high at the regional level and high at the global level.


5 million residents left Wuhan before lockdown, mayor reveals, as 1,000 new confirmed cases expected in city

There were about 9 million people remaining in the city after the lockdown, Zhou told a press conference.

Of the 2,700 people currently under observation in the city, about 1,000 were likely to be confirmed cases.


The Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised against “non-essential trips” to China today, due to the new coronavirus, justifying the alert due to possible health risks and the current limitations on circulation within the country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE), has  recommended “permanent attention to the constant evolution of the situation ”, as well as information published on the portals of the Directorate-General for Health, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization.


Health commission says battling the epidemic is becoming more complicated as the Chinese State Council extends the Lunar New Year holiday to February 2

It added that the virus had adapted to humans and appeared to have become more transmissible.

“There are signs showing the virus is becoming more transmissible. These walking ‘contagious agents’ [hidden carriers] make controlling the outbreak a lot more difficult.”

The authorities had also not ruled out the possibility of the virus mutating in the future, he said, which meant it could spread to different age groups.

To date, most of the people infected are in the 40-60 age range, health officials said earlier.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, Gao Fu, head of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, said the peak of the outbreak had yet to come.


United States, France, Australia, Japan and Russia are all preparing to pull their citizens out of Wuhan, while others are ramping up measures to prevent people travelling from infected cities into their territories

The ABC reported that more than 100 Australian children were currently trapped in Wuhan.

The Foreign Office updated its guidance to “advise against all travel to Hubei province”.

560 Japanese citizens are confirmed in Hubei and chartered evacuation flights are being prepared to leave as soon as possible.

In the UK Both the home secretary, Priti Patel, and the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab have said ministers are considering an evacuation plan, but both stopped short of committing to one.