“For the pandemic to be eradicated, it must be eradicated in the European Union and on a global scale, which is a huge effort”, underlined the prime minister.

The Prime Minister also underlined that to speed up the vaccination process, the industry has to increase the vaccine production capacity. António Costa stressed that the pharmaceutical companies have already committed to fulfill this objective.

For the head of government, it is essential to vaccinate the majority of the population in order to return to normality: “We will only return to normality in our lives when we are all vaccinated or, at least, 70% of the population, reaching group immunity”.

“It is essential that each one waits serenely for his or her turn to be vaccinated”, he recalled with the indication that the call for the vaccine will arrive via SMS or letter.

The Prime Minister also said today that one thing is the turmoil of political debate and another is reality, praising the joint work of the National Health Service and the private and social sectors in combating covid-19.

This position was transmitted by António Costa at the end of a visit to the new CUF Tejo Hospital, in Alcântara, during which he attended the vaccination process of health professionals in the private sector and was accompanied by the Minister of Health, Marta Temido.

“I want to leave a word of thanks here, because one thing is the turmoil of political debate and another thing is reality. Since March we have been in contact, we have worked together, and the National Health Service (SNS) and private hospitals and of the social sector, or of the Armed Forces, have been mobilized whenever necessary to respond to this pandemic situation “, maintained the leader of the executive.

Speaking after brief speeches by the chairman of the CUF group’s board of directors, Salvador de Mello, and the Minister of Health, António Costa stressed that the country is experiencing the most critical moment in the fight against the epidemic, being also “the moment when this collaboration between sectors proved to be more necessary and, equally, more effective was demonstrated “.

“We have 53 agreements across the country with institutions from the private and social sectors, 13 of which, specifically, for the treatment of covid-19 patients. At the time when each bed is absolutely essential, the existence of an additional 300 beds made available by the private sector on the whole it is very important “, stressed the executive leader.

The prime minister also pointed out that there will be more than 700 beds made available by the private sector, reinforcing “a set of conventions” for the care of non-covid-19 patients who need treatment.