Communiqué from the Council of Ministers of September 23, 2021


1. The Council of Ministers approved today the resolution declaring the alert situation throughout the continental national territory until 23:59 on October 31, 2021.

Having reached the level of 85% of the vaccinated population and given the gradual strategy of lifting measures to combat the COVID-19 disease pandemic, the Government adopts, through this resolution and a decree-law, the following measures as of 1st October:

  • Opening of bars and clubs;
  • Restaurants with no maximum limit of people per group;
  • End of requirement for digital certificate or negative test for access to restaurants;
  • End of time limits;
  • End of capacity limits, namely for: 
    • weddings and christenings
    • Business
    • cultural shows
  • Certificate or negative test required for:
    • Travel by air or sea
    • Visits to homes and health facilities
    • Major cultural, sporting or corporate events 
    • bars and clubs
  • Elimination of the telework recommendation;
  • Elimination of testing in workplaces with more than 150 workers;
  • End of limitation on the sale and consumption of alcohol;
  • No need for a certificate or test in group classes in gyms;
  • Mandatory use of masks in public transport, residential structures for the elderly, hospitals, theatres and events and large surfaces;
  • The use of masks in the use of public transport for passengers, including air transport, remains mandatory.