AMAL – Algarve Inter-municipal Community has confirmed it will ensure, as a Transport Authority, compliance with the minimum public road transport services for passengers, under the current State of Emergency conditions, in order to match supply to demand.

The operators of public road passenger transport in the Algarve – EVA Transportes and Frota Azul – have taken the decision to reduce the kilometres travelled daily on their routes, in order to adapt service supply to demand, which has been affected by the reduction in the number of users of this service due to the current lockdown situation. These operators are responsible for operating intercity and municipal services, with the responsibility of the Transport Authority, delegated by the Municipalities to AMAL.

In view of the difficulties experienced and the reduction in revenue in their operations, EVA Transportes and Frota Azul have been forced to put into place a ‘lay-off regime’ for 50% of their employees, effective since April 1st 2020. In addition, considering that the current revenue does not cover the expenses associated with the performance of the services it operates, they also gave due consideration to the future possibility of the total stoppage of their operations, in the absence of any financial compensation.

As passenger transport is an essential public service, AMAL, at its last meeting on April 3rd, decided to transfer the finances available from the non-use of municipal funds allocated to school transport (currently suspended) from each municipality to AMAL. In this way, the diverted finances will provide payment of the necessary compensation and therefore will enable the supply of a reduced public road passenger transport services, to the meet the current demand.

AMAL considers it essential to adopt these urgent and extraordinary measures to minimize the negative impact on the activity of public road passenger transport operators during the State of Emergency, maintaining the minimum transport services that will ensure the mobility of citizens, whilst being compliant with the current regulations.