The president of the District Civil Protection Commission of Porto today presented a proposal to the Government that, due to the increasing number of cases of covid-19 in the region, a curfew should be introduce in the district .

Speaking to the Lusa agency, Marco Martins, who is also mayor of Gondomar, said he had spoken with most of the mayors in the district and that everyone agreed that “more serious measures are needed, but measures that balance public health and the economy”.

“We cannot, of course, return to confinement, we must have balance”, he defended.

The information made available by health authorities states that “most contagions occur at family parties or social gatherings”, he recalled.

Thus, considered Marco Martins, “the most sensible and prudent way will be the curfew at night, similar to what is already being done in many places in Europe in the last two weeks”.

“What we think, in contact with the mayors of Felgueiras, Lousada and Paços de Ferreira, is that the measures have no logic to be applied only to one, two or three municipalities, because what happens is that people leave these municipalities and go have dinner at the restaurant or have fun at the establishments in the county next door”, he stressed.

Therefore, he argues that “it is necessary to apply the measures to a wider area, a district or a region”.

“We have to stop this situation,” he said.