The Secretary of State for Health revealed today that there are 3,183 health professionals infected with the new coronavirus, responsible for the covid-19, among which 477 are doctors and 838 nurses.

There are 774 operational assistants, 152 technical assistants and 107 infected senior diagnostic and therapeutic technicians, revealed António Lacerda Sales, at the daily press conference to update data on the pandemic in Portugal.

António Lacerda Sales also revealed that the accumulated data points to 658 recovered health professionals.

The government official, who took advantage of this update to thank the collaboration of technicians and professionals in diagnosis and therapy, pointed out that they will “be included in the updates” daily.

“I take this opportunity to thank you because you have been at the forefront in the fight against this pandemic. Thank you to all technicians and diagnostic and therapeutic professionals,” said António Lacerda Sales.

This acknowledgment and update regarding numbers infected with the new coronavirus comes a day after professionals in the fields of diagnosis and therapy accused the Ministry of Health of disrespecting the class and advanced that they consider asking for an urgent hearing from the Prime Minister.

“Professionals in the fields of diagnosis and therapy regret, once again, that they were overlooked by the Directorate-General for Health in the statement of the number of infected professionals, highlighting the stark negative discrimination to which, once again, they were subjected”, you can read in the statement sent to Lusa by the National Union of Senior Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technicians.