This task-force has a six-month mandate, renewable depending on the progress of operationalization of vaccination against covid-19.

The task-force created by the Government to coordinate the entire vaccination plan against covid-19, from the vaccination strategy to the logistical operation of storage, distribution and administration of vaccines, has one month to define the entire process.

According to the dispatch published this Thursday in Diário da República, signed by the ministers of National Defence, Internal Administration and Health, this task force has a six-month mandate, renewable depending on the progress of operationalization of vaccination against covid-19 .

The task force has a coordination nucleus, led by former Secretary of State Francisco Ramos, which includes elements from the Directorate-General for Health, Infarmed and the ministries of National Defence and Home Affairs and has the technical support of different structures.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces, the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, the Central Administration of the Health System (ACSS), the National Institute of Health Doutor Ricardo Jorge, IP (INÇA), the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health Health (SPMS) and the Hospital Common Use Service (SUCH) are the technical support entities.

The task force’s coordination unit is responsible for delivering within 30 days all the documents necessary to fully define the vaccination plan against covid-19, both from the point of view of logistics (storage and distribution of the different vaccines), as well as the strategy vaccination (identification of priority target groups, administration and clinical follow-up of results and adverse reactions).

It should also define a communication plan with the population about vaccination against covid-19, “with a view to making information available, in an objective, clear and transparent manner about the process”, the order states.

It also has to articulate with the responsible bodies in the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores all aspects necessary for the realization of the vaccination plan against covid-19 in those regions.

“The task force can promote the hearing of relevant bodies, such as professional public associations and, whenever it deems necessary, request the support of other experts or other institutions for the development of the work to be carried out”, adds the dispatch.

The members who participate in the ‘task force’ do not receive any remuneration for the exercise of their functions.

Last week, the prime minister revealed that Portugal was prepared to buy around 16 million doses of three vaccines against covid-19 and added that Brussels is preparing to combat disinformation campaigns in relation to vaccination.