The National Statistics Institute published a report on Wednesday 22nd May that the covid-19 cases in Portugal was 29.1 per 10,000 inhabitants, an increase of 12% since May 6, according to INE data released this Friday.

In the North region, 36 municipalities registered figures above the national level.

Of these the most prominent with more than 50 confirmed cases per 10,000 inhabitants, were the municipality of Ovar (120.0); in  Aveiro District, the municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova (87.0) in Coimbra District, the municipalities of Valongo (77.4), Vale de Cambra (72.0), Matosinhos (71.4), Maia (66.9), Gondomar (64.1), Porto (62.6), Santo Tirso (56.9) and Vila Nova de Gaia (50.8).

Some municipalities in the Centro (12), Lisbon Metropolitan Area (Lisbon, Loures and Amadora), Alentejo (Moura) and Autonomous Region of the Azores (the municipality of Nordeste) regions also had values ​​above the national average.

INE also points out that 179 of the country’s 308 municipalities had a confirmed number of cases per 10,000 inhabitants and population density below the national average.