This Community page deals with those issues which may affect the community generally, i.e. matters that people should be aware of either to keep on the right side of the law as well as crime prevention advice covering a number of topics.

This inevitably covers a wide area including Portugal’s drug use policy and gambling laws etc.

The page also includes articles on community policing and how we as the public can help police and thus reduce crime, reporting suspicious activities and work of the Night Guard Service etc.

  • Community policing and the role of the publicDownload
  • Reporting of crime on-line and suspicious activitiesDownload
  • Details and work of the Night Guard ServiceDownload
  • Drug Policy in Portugal - Benefits of Decriminalizing Drug UseDownload
  • Portugals Drug Policy - By the EMCDDADownload
  • General crime prevention adviceDownload
  • Neighbourhood Watch in Portugal - featureDownload
  • Theft of AnimalsDownload
  • Gambling in Portugal - Information LeafletDownload
  • The Media, Police and InvestigationsDownload
  • New 10 Euro bank noteDownload
  • Drug trafficking - the global village featureDownload
  • applying-for-a-criminal-record-certificate-in-portugalDownload
  • Points to consider when moving to Portugal. Updated docxDownload
  • Europol Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2017 LeafletDownload
  • Law concerning noiseDownload
  • Drink Driving Limits in PortugalDownload
  • Law concerning Carrying of Identification in PortugalDownload
  • Moving Home - Safety and Security considerationsDownload
  • Money launderingDownload