The operational situation of the rural firefighting strategy implemented in 2018

The level of risk of rural fire risk for the next few days, the operational measures prepared to cope with this aggravated risk and the care to be observed by the population in the use and enjoyment of rural areas during the period in question

Operational strategy for rural firefighting 2018

  • Reinforcement of monitoring of all occurrences • Increase in anticipation capacity • Establishment of Expert Nucleus in CNOS – H24 – to analyze the potential of each occurrence and support to the operational decision • Reinforcement of the terrestrial and aerial resources • Reinforcement of the monitoring and recognition aerial – 2 reconnaissance aircraft • Transfer of the heli-transport capacity to the GIPS-GNR, concentrating in the FEB the response of ATA

Operational strategy for rural firefighting 2018

  • Human resources 10,767 operational (+ 11% | 2017)
  • Land resources 2.303 vehicles (+ 12% | 2017)
  • Airborne means 55 + 1 (RAM) (+ 15% | 2017)

Operational strategy for rural firefighting 2018

Comparing the figures ​​of 2018 with the history of the last 10 years, there was 44% less rural fires and 63% less area burn than the annual average of the period

This year 2018 is, from 2008 and until yesterday, September 24, the 2nd year with the lowest level in number of fires and the 3rd year with the lowest value in the burned area

IR Risk – Next Days

  • The autumn has begun, but weather conditions maintain the summer pattern, ie the mainland territory continues with high risk of rural fire
  • In the last 72 hours there has been an increase in ignitions, as well as an increase in occurrences of greater complexity
  • There is a growing tendency to increase the frequency of extreme and out-of-season phenomena, such as to cause large rural fires

IR Risk – Next Days


The Government decided to extend the critical period of fires until October 15, within the framework of the Forest Fire Protection System, due to the foreseeable meteorological conditions during the first half of October

IR Risk – Next Days

It is essential to continue to respect the critical period of fires by avoiding the burning or burning of heaps of agricultural waste


The Portuguese have to wait for a period of reduced risk of fire to promote the usual cleaning of their lands