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The recent cyber attack on Vodafone is a wake-up call that no one is immune to hacking and gaining unauthorised access to your computer system.

Post-pandemic cyber security for small and midsize businesses and technology enterprises is now more important than ever. The rise of remote working has left many firms more vulnerable to attacks, while data breaches have become both more costly and potentially more disruptive.

No matter the size of the business, cybersecurity is an essential focus in today’s professional landscape. Although large companies are often the preferred target of cybercriminals, the fallout from a security breach can mean the end of a smaller organization without the resources for significant damage control. For this reason, even a small business must be vigilant to protect its sensitive data from unauthorized access.

To make sure all your security bases are covered, use this cybersecurity checklist as a guide.

1. Keep an Updated Inventory

2. Keep Software and Operating Systems up to Date

3. Manage User Accounts

4. Audit Employee Security Knowledge

6. Restrict Web Traffic

7. Utilize Endpoint Protection Applications and Firewalls

8. Set up a Data Recovery Plan

9. Restrict Wi-Fi Use

10. Be Aware of New Threats

11. Develop a Response for Security Breaches

The check list can be downloaded here. It takes about 10 minutes to read, but in doing so could save you and your business a great deal of disruption should a data security breach happen to your business. Remember cybercrime is increasing and without vigilance we are all vulnerable.…/