Please be aware of this scam that was circulated on 28th June 2015 in the Algarve and possibly beyond. The persons whose name the email is from, had her computer hacked into and the email address book compromised on 27th June.

The following email has been sent by the hacker puportedly from Gracy Biss to a unknown number of people. As a result one person in the central Algarve gave her bank instructions this morning to transfer €1000 to the hackers address through Western Union, believing it to be Gracy Biss, who it is not. Safe Communities Portugal was informed of this by the victim and advised not to send the money as it is a scam. If anyone receives this please Do Not reply. I have been asked by Liliana Moreira the daughter in law of Gracy Biss to inform people and clients of her company to email Liliana Moreira at  so the company can update its records.

I am very grateful to Gracy and Liliana and the potential victim for giving us permission to share this quickly.

The Scam is as follows

Subject: “Help Requested………….Gracy Biss

Sorry to bother you with this, I took a urgent visit to Ukraine to see my sick cousin who is suffering from a critical Uterine fibroid and must undergo a hysterectomy surgery to save her life. The news of her illness arrived to me as an emergency, she’s going through a lot of pain at the moment and she needs family support to keep her going.

The doctors have advised that it is necessary that the tumor is operated soon to avoid any complications. I hope you understand my plight and pardon me.The estimate for the Hysterectomy surgery is $9,000. I have already spent approx. $6,000 cash towards her treatment so am wondering if you can assist me with 2,800 an of $3,000 to make the necessary arrangement for the surgery to be carried out.Your help and support will give her a chance to live normal life once again. I will surely pay you back as soon as I return. I will appreciate whatever you can help me with. Kindly let me know if you can be of help so I can send you my money gram details since I cannot operate my bank account from here.


Gracy, Ricardo & Liliana Biss”