Did you know that sometimes, the apps you use for your smartphone have access to your personal information and are capable of sharing it? Are you aware that your privacy can be invaded across the network board? That includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. The following article by Robert Siciliano an identity theft expert provides a way of tackling this problem.

And how can you tell which applications can do this? “MyPermissions” can tell you. Once you load this and do some setting up, you’ll see which apps on your device has access to your information.

For instance, it’s not just a matter of who can get your information, but how often and just what, such as your contact list, photos and more. The more apps you use, the more likely your personal information is getting “shared,” i.e., leaked into cyberspace without your knowledge.

MyPermissions will alert you when an application barges into your sensitive information. It will give you control over who gets access to your data.

Without MyPermissions, it’s like walking through a crowded area and dropping one copy after another of your driver’s license, bank statement, credit card and family contacts.

So let’s suppose you’d like to start with Facebook. You tell MyPermissions you’d like a scan. MyPermissions will use your FB account to look for external connections. You’ll have a dashboard to see who’s getting into your information and you’ll be directed in how to stop this.

Worried if MyPermissions will share your data? Don’t. It will never collect, store or use any of your private information.

A similar application is that of Online Privacy Shield (free from Google Play Store). It will tell you which of your apps are nosing around in your private files and what they’re getting. And you could control who gets what.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., all have different ways for terminating access to your privacy, so bear with that—don’t expect all to terminate with one simple click just because one particular service has a one-click termination.

Be prepared for a shock: Hundreds of apps may have access to your sensitive data. You’ll need to embrace and appreciate the time required to get all of this straightened out. But when all is said and done, you’ll be glad you took that time.