Be aware that there are fake WeTransfer emails being sent, one of which was referred to Safe Communities Portugal this morning. In this case the senders address was: sales (at) The email invited the recipient to click on a download link which was based in Russia. An obvious fake.

WeTransfer recommend to check the following if you receive such an email which could be an attempt to steal your login details or install malware on your machine.

  • Is the layout different from the layout you usually see when you open a WeTransfer mail? If so, don’t use the download button or link.
  • Does the download button take you to our domain ( If not, the files are hosted somewhere else and never safe to download.
  • Check the address mentioned in the body of the email. If the transfer isn’t from someone you know or an obvious fake, don’t use the download link.
  • Check the sender’s address. We always send our service-related emails from “…”. If the email is sent from a different address, don’t open the download link.
  • Please note that emails from “…” are no guarantee that we’ve actually sent you this email. So stay aware even if we seem to be the sender.
  • Check the address the email was sent to. We only ever send a transfer email to your own email address. Not to “undisclosed recipients” or to other addresses. So finding a “Bcc” definitely means we did not send you this email.

More information from WeTransfer here