Previously, InterContinental Hotels Group said about 100 of its hotels were hacked, but now it turned out the number is 1200.

According to HackRead a few months earlier, it was reported that a number of InterContinental hotels have been targeted by a credit card stealing malware now the IHG has confirmed that the reports were actually true.

The attack is believed to have started in late September and since then, hackers have targeted at least 1200 InterContinental Hotels, according to TheVerge. The group has three hotels in Portugal.

According to Krebson Security (the journalist investigating this matter), the culprits installed the malware in the point-of-sale software via remote hacking tools, allowing them to steal credit card information of customers every time a credit card is swiped.

The number of affected users hasn’t been determined yet, but it’s safe to say that the number is quite big because over 1200 hotels were compromised.

The information stolen by the hackers includes names of the credit card holders, expiration dates, and internal verification code of every credit card swiped at the affected

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