Please be informed that emails are circulating with the subject “Unsuccessful delivery attempt”. It is not a CTT service, but a scheme for collecting personal data.

I thank the person who sent us an example of a false email she received yesterday in the picture. It states they tried to deliver a parcel but the address was incorrect and people have to click a link to pay 1.59 euros and correct the address and get it redelivered.

The email address was CTT Subject: informações de envio 63 **** 26

Phishing is an online fraud technique where, through SMS messages, emails or social media posts, you try to obtain confidential information such as login accounts, passwords or bank details, using the identity of trusted institutions as if they were communications officers. The purpose of these communications is to direct the user to a fake website in order for him to provide confidential data.

DO NOT click on any links or reply to any CTT communication that seems suspicious.

CTT Alert here: