Cybercrime and domestic violence were the most investigated criminal phenomena in 2016 by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Lisbon region, according to the annual report released on Tuesday.

The Lisbon District report for the year 2016, published on the MP’s website, states that 3493 cybercrime investigations were registered, of which 167 resulted in prosecution and 3225 in filing.

The MP of the Lisbon region also investigated 3230 inquiries related to marital or equivalent violence, 2767 against men and 463 against women. Of the 3230 investigations instituted, 2025 were closed and 439 resulted in prosecution. The third crime most investigated by the region of Lisbon in 2016 were the prosecutors, with 1347 investigations being initiated, of which 712 were filed and 323 resulted in prosecution.

Economic and financial crime resulted in 872 inquiries in 2016, followed by sexual crimes against minors (paedophilia), which totalled 777, and organized or group crime, which totalled 676.

According to the report, 498 crimes involving officers of the authority were also investigated last year, of which 119 were committed by officers of the authority and 379 against officers of the authority.