On Monday, EDP admitted to being the target of a computer attack on its corporate network.

EDP’s president, António Mexia, said this Thursday that the company managed to protect “the essential” in the computer attack that was targeted last Monday, namely the supply of energy and information to customers.

“Our systems detected the attack and protected the essentials,” said the manager, referring that for the company it is essential to safeguard information related to customers, but “above all to guarantee the protection of critical infrastructures”.

António Mexia, who was speaking at a press conference at the end of the general shareholders’ meeting, said that the electricity company recently invested “more than 50 million in security” and stressed that the priority of electricity supply was safeguarded.

Regarding customer data, he explained that “the customer base works on a platform that has not been attacked, but that does not mean that there could have been no interference”.

On Monday, EDP admitted that it was the target of a computer attack on its corporate network, which affected “the normal functioning of part of its services and operations”.

On the news of an alleged ransom request to the company, António Mexia said “not knowing any request”.