After accusations of being a fake news vehicle during the US presidential race and turning the result in favour of Donald Trump, Facebook is reacting and reports that it will debut scanning tools in Germany.

Facebook will debut a tool for verifying false news in Germany in time for the federal elections scheduled for this year in that country. Users who suspect that some content is fake may mark it to be sent to a non-profit organization called Correctiv that will validate the information. Even if false, the item is marked and appears an explanation of Correctiv to justify how he came to this conclusion, reports the The Next Web .

Users who try to share fake news will also receive an alert that the content they are broadcasting is not true. Finally, this type of news, once identified and marked, will appear in the bottom of the feeds, reducing the probability of being seen.

A Facebook spokesman confirmed that the initial focus will be on Germany, but that the company wants to extend these tools to other countries. Angela Merkel will face an anti-immigration party that has been growing a lot in recent times, in elections that are well-disputed.