Via Verde has warned people of fraudulent emails to motorway users, which appeared to have been sent by the Autoridade Tributária (Tax Authority) (TA), requesting the payment of toll debts.

In a statement, Via Verde reports that emails of undetermined origin have the appearance of having been sent by the AT with the subject Via Verde Portugal, requesting toll payment through a link that refers to a page on the Internet. The page then requests personal data and bank cards, to make the requested payment.
“Via Verde Portugal states that these are fraudulent messages, totally foreign to this company, and which can compromise the privacy and security of customers and harm their interests,” he adds.

Via Verde Portugal warns not to reply to these emails that require the payment of alleged amounts owed, namely filling in the fields requested.

The company also states that it will react legally, in accordance with Portuguese law, in order to guarantee its interests and those of its clients.