Warning over HMRC scam email that promises you a tax refund ahead of self-assessment deadline which is 31st January

Fraudsters have launched their latest effort to get people to give away their bank details by pretending to be from HMRC

HMRC has warned Brits not to fall for a new scam which claims they are entitled to a tax refund.

But scammers are trying to take advantage by sending a new batch of emails to people saying they’re entitled to a refund.

The email claims to be from “HMRC Office Gateway” and tells people to click a link which takes them to a “customer portal”, where they’ll be encouraged to enter their bank details in order to claim the refund.

But HMRC will never send information about refunds or rebates via email – or ask for your payment details either.

The address for the scam looks like it comes from “Hmrc.gov.uk” but when you expand the address it reveals a long line of seemingly random letters and numbers.

A spokesman for HMRC told the Sun Online that it was aware of the latest scam and just today has asked for 150 websites linked to scams to be taken down.