Phishing attack aimed at “cpanels” on websites

An email is being circulated by “hackers” attempting to gain access to the cpanel on your website which as you know controls the use and functioning of your website. Access to this by hackers could have disastrous results. It accompanied by a cpanel logo and reads:

“Our records indicate that your   website domain name and hosting have exceeded your Disk Space Usage and file Uploading. To avoid service interruption click here to update your portal”

The email is address personally to your email linked to your website. The sender is ” info1 (at)” and the subject is “Your website domain name and hosting”. If you click on the “click here” tab you will be taken through to a FAKE cpanel page which looks like your “cpanel” page, where you will be invited to enter your user name and password.

DO NOT on any account do this and it will simply be recorded by hackers who will gain access to your account. If you do enter your details then immediately contact your hosting company and change all your passwords. If you have any doubts concerning your disc storage space then access your cpanel by the normal means and check.