Some Banco Santander Totta customers, as well as non-customers are currently receiving emails purportedly being sent on behalf of the bank. The alert was given a few days ago. One of the senders addresses is; santandertottapt7217030 (at) another one is santandertotta42 (at)

These are Phishing scams to get you to disclose your banking details. If you receive such an email, do not click on the link. If in doubt, contact the bank BUT not on the contacts provided in the email.

With the subject “SantanderTotta – Important Notice”, the email tells the customer to click on a link to authorize a banking operation. Another with the subject “ Alerta de Segurança SantanderTotta #C17217030”  tells the recipient to click on a link to update€859 details failure of which will incur a fine of €85