This phishing attack purports to come from the United Nations but instead originates from Russia, as does many of these scams: 

It is entitled “Reward from the UN” and reads as follows:

“Your Email,

Please be informed that your email address has been given a compensation grant for the sum of Ђ920,000.00 (Nine Hundred and Twenty Thousand Euros) cash reward from the United Nations 2014 Charity Program Worldwide.

You are advised to contact your program payout agent Mr.Pico Dario with telephone number 0039 351 149 6333 and Email: un.payoutdesk (at)

Send Your Name, Country of origin and Telephone number.


Hans Maria.

United Nations Office”


Simply delete without replying or clicking on the link. I used to work for the UNODC and they do not send out emails like this.