A resident in the Algarve reported to us the following email she received a few days ago. Curious she replied to the sender asking for more information. The email  (abbreviated) reads as follows:

Sender: motherofmarcey04@……………

Subject: I want to sent up a charitable foundation in your country

“I am Mrs. Anna Maria Picarelli from Italy and I am Married To MR ANDREW PICARELLI who worked with the ITALIAN EMBASSY in Togo West Africa before He died in the year 2006. I am happy to be associated with someone like you and I pray that God Almighty will give you the
strength and wisdom to carry out this noble task. I wish to use this opportunity to inform you that my proposal for you is about the sum of $10.5 million usd which was deposited in a bank by my late husband, Mr Andrew picarelli since the year 2006 before his death and until my husband’s death we were married for many years without any child and the doctors have confirmed to me that i will not live more than few months from now and this is why I have to take this bold step of donating the fund to you .
This fund is meant for the purpose of building Humanitarian Foundation,Orphanage Centers and for the Helping of Widows and the Less Privileged,HIV/AIDS Victims in the society . Before his death, we were both philanthropist and have been engaged in the building and establishment of humanitarian foundation around the world. So, if you are willing to receive the fund as has been specified above, you should use it for the building of orphanage Centers, Helping Widows and the less privileged in the society.

As soon as you receive the fund in your account, you are only required to take 20% out of the fund as a token gift for your efforts and other inconveniences and the remaining 80% you must be use for the purpose as I have explained to you above for the help of humanity and finally to fulfil the good wishes of my Late Husband. I am presently in a hospital where I have been undergoing Medical Treatment Of Cancer of the Lungs and please, I do not need any telephone conversation for now in respect of my Doctor’s advise and mores because of the presence of my husband’s relatives around me always even here in the hospital and I do not want them to know anything about the existence of this fund because I do not want my husband’s money to be misused without using it for the purpose he instructed me before his death.

So, to enable you receive the fund from the bank where it is presently deposited, you should contact my family lawyer, Barrister LAWSON L. GEORGE through his e-mail address: (georgemaitrelawson………gmail.com) or through his telephone number:00228-9732-8726 so that he will guide on how to receive the fund AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION,YOU CAN ASK HIM FOR HE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FUND,WHY AM SAYING THIS IS BECAUSE OF MY BAD HEALTH CONDITION, and may God bless you as you do His will and PLEASE SEND YOUR PRIVATE TELEPHONE NUMBER TO MY LAWYER AS YOU ARE SENDING HIM MESSAGE SO THAT HE CAN CALL YOU.
Be prayerful”


Please note the poor grammar and spelling mistakes. This is a phishing attack designed to entice the receiver into providing personal details. This is likely to lead to theft of identity and possible fraud. If you receive this or others similar simply delete without replying.