Beware this Phishing attack from an email address:  dagmar (at)>

Do not reply, simply delete.

I tried to reach you last week; unfortunately, I was unable to get through. I got your full information through our secured database. I have gone through your business profile and decided to reach you.

My name is Ms Dagmar Tietsch, a member of British Bankers Association and Audit Management of NatWest Bank Plc England. I am contacting you for £9.5 Million Pound which has being placed in a dormant account for more than a decade as unclaimed fund.

Last week, the UK Commission Organization has finally decided to share up to £2 Billion Pound worth of cash and assets from all the dormant bank accounts across the nation to charities. For more details, kindly read the recent decision made last week on BBC NEWS, . You can also find the information on GOOGLE.

With your sincere assistance and co-operation, I want to work this deal with you and have your name fixed in the bank payment schedule scheme for an immediate transfer of the fund as the rightful beneficiary.

It will be shared 60% for me and 40% you. All the logistics towards the success of this transaction has been perfected by me.
As it stands, this process should be completed, at least on or before end of the month, otherwise, we will loose the opportunity.  

Kindly get back to me without delay, this is very urgent.

Mrs Dagmar Tietsch2