This was received a few days ago from allegedly the US Treasury Dept. Do not open the attachment or reply to them with the information requested. This is a phishing attack aimed at the scammer getting you to divulge your personal details in order to remove money from your bank account. It is easily identifable as fraudulent due to poor grammar.
“From: Us Treasury Dept <ustddepptt (at)>
To: Addressees name removed
Sent: Monday, August 3, 2015 11:05 AM

Dear  Addressees name removed,
This is writing to inform you that we received instruction and your payment hence we have been instructed  to transfer directly into your  bank account or make a delivery to your home without hitches since are handling it directly.

The fund was sent to us after an investigations and discussions with African leaders by United Nations and IMF Leaders and top usa delegates so without wasting much time you are to be considered lucky to receiving your fund finally.

Reconfirm to us immediately the following information’s below to avoid   transfer mistake;

Your  Names and Address:
Your Your phone number:
Your Full banking informations
Your International passport or Drivers licence copy for identification

As soon as we receive them I will proceed with the release and payment  of your funds in full value.

You can also call me on the phone on 830 399 4598

Jacob Lew
Secretary,US Treasury Dept”