Pedro Veiga, coordinator of the National Center for Cybersecurity (CNCS), warned of several ransomware attacks recently detected in Portugal.

The statement was made during a short interview given to Exame Informática in December 2016, whose full content can be accessed in this short cut.

It will be up to business leaders to prevent themselves (through the implementation of appropriate backup management policies) in order to prevent such attacks from endangering their nuclear information which, by virtue of these actions, can simply and simply “to vanish”.

Fortunately, however, some important tools have been made available that can help, and well, combat this scourge.

We talk, for example, of the portal “No More Ransom” which you can access, in the Portuguese version, in this short cut.

As referred to on the website ” No More Ransom” is an initiative of the High Technology Crime Unit of the Dutch Police, Europol’s European Cybercrime Center (EC3) and two cybersecurity companies – Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security – With the goal of helping ransomware victims recover their encrypted files without having to pay criminals. ”

It also refers to the portal, to which our Judicial Police has also associated, that “Ransomware” is “malware” that blocks your computers or mobile devices or encrypts your digital files. When this happens, you cannot recover your data without paying a ransom. However, recovery is never guaranteed and you should never pay! ”

Therefore, have a recovery system always updated and available so that a ransomware infection does not destroy your data forever. This is the first secret to avoid headaches that can be prolonged for long if your computer systems are invaded.