As expected, following Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are aware of an increasing number of fraudulent emails now being received in the name of DHL, inviting recipients to click on a link or an attachment to open a delivery document.

By doing this will either download a virus onto your computer or it is a phishing attempt to steal personal information. Scams in the name of FEDEX and UPS also exist.

Advice from DHL

DHL recommends not opening the emails if identified as being “from” DHL, and one or more of the following is the case:

  • You have received an email without a tracking number and you are not doing business with DHL
    § The email has an attachment and you are not aware that you are doing business with DHL
    § The email instructs you to open an attachment for the tracking number
    If in any doubt check with your local DHL branch directly.

How to recognise fake emails…/on-line-parcel-d…/

DHL Fraud Awareness information…