On  20th February the judicial Police issued an alert following complaints concerning callers pretending to be from Microsoft

“Over the past few days, there has been, a massive malware distribution attempt, beginning with fraudulent phone calls using abusively the company name Microsoft. 

These phone calls, randomly directed, are from callers pretending to be officials from  Microsoft IT security department, speaking in English, stating they wish to resolve your personal computer problems. They give various pretexts, such as (i) infection by a virus; (Ii) the system needs to be updated; and that solving them requires the implementation of a series of instructions and commands, for which the employee is supposed offers to help. 

They add that the problem can be solved by paying for alleged updates of the Windows system through purchasing support packages and other assistance. To give credibility they ask details of victims’ credit cards and they use these details to to install malicious software, through which they can obtain confidential data, or even remotely access your computer and changing the settings. With this data, criminals come in possession of sufficient data to achieve fraudulent wire transfers on behalf of the victims, causing damage that can amount to thousands of euros 

The Judicial Police recommends :

  • Do not respond to such contacts, since they are not made by Microsoft company
  • Do not provide any kind of personal data;
  • Do not give any information whereby they can interact with your computer system, otherwise this could could damage to equipment and personal data.