Storm Leslie has caused 27 injured, 61 homeless and nearly 1,900 reported incidents to Civil Protection, according to the most recent update of this authority, released on Sunday morning.

According to commander Rui Laranjeira, of the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), all the injured were slight, even though they were transported to a health facility to receive treatment.

The storm also displaced 61 people of whom, 57 were in the district of Coimbra, one in Leiria and three in Viseu. Of the 1,890 incidents recorded by the ANPC, 1,218 were related to tree falls and 441 tocollapse of structures, with wind being the phenomenon that caused the greatest number of occurrences, according to Rui Laranjeira.

According to the commander, the district of Coimbra was the most affected, followed by those of Aveiro, Leiria and Viseu. In the field were 6,373 operational personnel and 2,002 support vehicles..

EDP said EDP said hundreds of thousands of customers have been without electricity since Saturday night as a result of tropical storm Leslie’s damage, Lusa source EDP Distribuição, who says the situation is “very serious.” “At the moment, the northern areas that have not yet been affected are being affected. According to EDP this is a “very serious and complex” situation.

Coimbra, according to this person responsible for the ANPC, was the district where the largest number of occurrences occurred in less time, which is why the resources are being strengthened.

Still in the district of Coimbra are cut several national roads due to the fall of trees. The IC2 is cut to traffic in the areas of Pombal, Leiria and Albergaria-a-Velha.

Storm Leslie is reaching continental territory as a post-tropical depression but with winds with “intensities equivalent to a tropical storm,” with gusts above 130 kph that can reach historic highs of 180/190 kilometers per hour, according to IPMA meteorologist Nuno Moreira.

High voltage pole fall leaves without light about 30 houses in Valongo

The fall of a high-voltage pole in Valongo, in the district of Porto, due to Hurricane Leslie left about 30 homes without electricity, said the source Lusa of the Firemen of Valongo.

According to the same source the alert was given around 00:55, after the strong wind that continues to be felt in the zone to cause the fall of the post, in the parish of Sobrado, causing that “about 30 houses of that street” have been “without electricity”. The Volunteer Firefighters of Valongo had to intervene in the parish of Campo after the fall of two trees to have caused the temporary cut of a secondary road.

Tree fall in Matosinhos causes subway line cutting

The fall of a tree in Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos today caused the cut of Matosinhos metro line and the cutting of the two traffic lanes of Lake Street, said source Volunteer Firefighters of Leixões. According to a source from the Firefighters of Leixões, the fall of the tree in Rua da Lagoa, in Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos, also caused damages in a centennial statue that was in a rotunda. Circulation reestablished on the A1 motorway

The motorway was re-established on the A1 motorway, near the Pombal service area, Brisa said. Transit was temporarily cut off Saturday night on the North Freeway, heading north-south, near Pombal’s service area, due to the fall of a tree caused by the strong wind. Hurricane Leslie’s passage through the mainland, with strong winds, caused trees to fall on Saturday night, roadblocks and power cuts in homes, cancellation of flights and suspension of river links.

Hurricane Leslie struck the mainland as a post-tropical depression, but with winds with “intensities equivalent to a tropical storm,” with gusts above 130 kilometers per hour that can reach historic highs of 180/190 kilometers per hour, according to the report. meteorologist of the IPMA Nuno Moreira.

About 30 flights canceled Saturday night About 30 flights were canceled Saturday night at Lisbon and Funchal airports, according to information available on the ANA – Airports of Portugal portal, most of them due to the passing of the tropical storm Leslie. Not to mention numbers, ANA spokesman Rui Oliveira told Lusa that bad weather was at the origin of “virtually all flights canceled”. According to the ANA portal, 19 arrivals and eight flights of flights were canceled during the night of Saturday at Lisbon airport. At Funchal airport two landings were canceled.

According to the district’s operational commander, there are still some roads cut in the district of Coimbra. Between Mealhada and Coimbra, the Lusa agency found several trees tucked into the road and traffic circulated conditioned and with suppression of one of the roads, in two points of the national road 1.

Jorge Miranda, president of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), said this morning that the post-tropical storm has reached the region of Minho, stressing that the meteorological situation will “normalize rapidly”.