Temperatures reached 25 degrees Celsius in December.

The first two weeks of December recorded maximum spring level temperatures throughout the country, well in the vicinity of 19º C, nearly 5 degrees above usual. Precipitation was far below normal. More than half of the country is in “slight drought”.

Although, the last few days have been cold, the drop in thermometers has been felt more because last month was abnormally hot and dry. This is what the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) shows in its December climatic summary, highlighting the return of the drought – although weak – in more than half of the country and average temperatures, which made December third hottest since 1931. In Aljezur, in the Algarve, the thermometers even reached almost summer levels on day 10: 25º C.

The first two weeks of last month (between December 1st and 12th) registered maximum spring temperatures throughout the country, well near 19º C, almost 5 degrees above normal. And it was not only the average value of the maximum temperature that was higher than usual (plus 1.33 degrees throughout the month), the average temperatures, at 10.5º, were also slightly above normal.

On the other hand, precipitation values ​​have been well under half (37%) than usual since 1931, but have nevertheless become normal this decade: in the last eight years, the value of monthly precipitation in December was always lower than normal.

This very hot and dry month has resulted in the return very close to the end of the year of the drought, which had already been left behind in November. Taking into account the low rainfall levels recorded in December, there was a weak meteorological drought south of the Tagus, which is equivalent to more than half of the territory, at the end of the month: 53.3% of the country is in the dry drought class, 13.7% in the normal class and 33% in the weak rain class.

Chaves recorded the lowest low of December (-2.8º C on the last day of the year) and Fóia, in Serra de Monchique, recorded the strongest gust of wind, 105.5 km / h.

The beginning of the year has been marked by a drop in temperatures, more pronounced in the minimum.

For this Sunday 6th January., the IPMA predicts below-zero minimums in Bragança (-2º) and Braga (-1º). Lisbon will register 4th of the minimum and 14th of maximum, while the Port will oscillate between the 4th and 16th. But on Monday, the minimum values ​​will fall even more in most of the country, with the transmontanos being especially punished by the cold, with Bragança reaching -5º and Vila Real -1º. Braga and Leiria (with -2) will also be below zero