More than 5,400 occurrences, mostly tree falls, have been reported in mainland Portugal since Wednesday, following bad weather, according to the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC).

According to ANEPC Commander Rui Laranjeira, between 15h00 on Wednesday and 23h00 on Thursday, 5,427 occurrences were recorded, 2,862 of which were tree falls, 906 structural falls and 1,152 were floods, which affected 17,260. operational.

“Porto remains the district with the highest number of occurrences (977), but there are a number of southern districts that had fewer occurrences and are now increasing,” namely Lisbon (450), Setúbal (311). ), Santarém (313) and Leiria (396), said the commander Rui Laranjeira.

The damage caused by the Elsa depression in EDP Distribuição’s power grid has already left 157 high and medium voltage lines out of service, the company said. According to a statement from the electric, Santarém, Coimbra, Viseu and Leiria were at 11 pm on Thursday the most affected districts.

The downtown of the city of Águeda, in the district of Aveiro, is flooded due to “brutal” discharges from the Ribeiradio Dam in the neighboring municipality of Sever do Vouga, a local source told Lusa.

Vodafone has mobile network service unavailable in some central and northern regions of the country due to power outages, the official source of the telecommunications operator told Lusa today.

The number who have died remains at two with one person missing. The number of homeless stands currently at 51 and the authorities have received 4200 calls for assistance in the last few hours.

A total of 12 districts will be under orange warning for precipitation, wind or rough seas at different times until Saturday,