The Águeda City Council has already warned the population that floods may occur in the city’s downtown, due to the foreseeable rise in the water level of the river that runs through the city.

“We have already made this warning that there may be a flood in the city center so that people can take proper care to protect their assets,” Mayor Jorge Almeida told Lusa.


The fall of a tree in Montijo, Setúbal district, killed the driver of a heavy vehicle on Thursday, said the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), which has already counted 2,941 occurrences due to bad weather.

On the two bridges – Vasco da Gama and 25 de Abril – the circulation of heavy vehicles with awnings and motorcycles is still prohibited.

The main road of the Sintra Mountains, between the Azoia and Portela and Portela Capuchos intersections , was closed Thursday due to heavy rainfall and wind intensity, the Sintra Chamber said.

The Sintra Chamber also decided to close the Kingdom of Christmas to the public, taking into account the weather conditions.


On the Northern Line: The fall of a tree over the catenary is conditioning circulation in both directions. Between V. Figueira and Santarém the circulation is made in a single way;

In the Beira Alta line: the section between Luso and Morttágua is cut due to the lack of tension in the catenary, a situation under evaluation. In the section between Pinhel and Guarda, the fall of a barrier interrupted pasage, and the situation is almost resolved;

In the Vouga line: circulation is suspended between Macinhata and Sernada;

In the Alentejo line: there is a train immobilized in the section between Moita and Barreiro due to the presence of debris in the pantograph, the structure that feeds the train with electricity. Therefore the passage is only one way.

On the 25 de Abril Bridge: Winds above 79 km / h may restrict movement of trains.


River connections between the Setubal Peninsula and Lisbon are suspended Thursday afternoon due to “worsening weather”, Transtejo / Soflusa announced.

“Due to the worsening of weather conditions, at this time, for safety reasons, are suspended all river connections of Transtejo and Soflusa, except Cacilhas,”.


The regular supply of electricity was interrupted today “in thousands of homes” due to bad weather, with Viana do Castelo, Braga, Porto and Vila Real being the most affected districts, EDP Distribuição announced.