Infarmed said today it is monitoring all national and international efforts to develop potential treatments and vaccines for covid-19, but insisted that no drug has yet proven its effectiveness in fighting the disease.

“To date, there are several initiatives that are underway, regarding potential treatments for covid-19. However, at the present date and based on preliminary data, no drug has yet proved effective in the treatment of covid-19 ”, according to the statement released by the medicine’s authority.

Stressing the importance of the “synergy of efforts, international cooperation and support measures for companies”, Infarmed said that it is “in permanent articulation” with the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

In a press release also published today, the European body revealed that it had put the fight against the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus “at the top of the priorities”, in addition to currently accompanying several companies in the “development of about 40 therapeutic options”.

Regarding the possible therapies on which clinical trials are already taking place, Infarmed highlighted the following: remdesivir (experimental medicine used for Ebola infection), lopinavir / ritonavir (association authorized for the treatment of HIV infection), chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine ( nationally authorized as treatments for malaria and some autoimmune diseases), systemic interferons, namely interferon beta (authorized for multiple sclerosis); and monoclonal antibodies.

On the other hand, the national authority for the medicine and health products acknowledged that “phase I clinical trials for two vaccines are already underway”, although it has admitted that “rapid approval” to deal with the current pandemic is “complex”.

“Based on experience in the development of other vaccines, it is estimated that the entire process will take at least one year before a vaccine for covid-19 can be prepared for approval and available in sufficient quantities to ensure wide-scale use” , says Infarmed.