Respect restrictions

Rui Portugal, Deputy Director-General for Health, said that it was crucial for people to comply with restrictions in each municipality, especially travel and gatherings.

Care if you are sick

If you are infected or have symptoms of covid-19, you must comply with the health issued by the health authorities. During Christmas, families must support the sick. “Physical leave does not mean family leave”,

Contact reduction

Before and during the festive season, contacts should be reduced, for example, if you usually celebrated Christmas with ten or more people, you should consider reducing the number of family members or friends, in order to decrease the potential spread of the new coronavirus.

Exposure time

The same goes for the hours spending with family or friends on Christmas days: instead of spending five hours with several people, DGS advises to cut down on time and spend only an hour or two in a group.

Family nucleus

Although Christmas is, for many, spending the festive season with the extended family, in times of pandemic it is recommended to party only within the household.

Visits to other relatives safely

If you do visit other family members, you should consider doing it outside area and for a short time.

Avoid spaces such as kitchens

The kitchens are, as a rule, a place where several people gather in the same house. Such gatherings increase risk of spread of the disease and should be avoided. Traditional greetings (hugs, kisses and handshakes) must be avoided. The physical distance of one meter to two meters must also be maintained.

Airing houses

Whenever possible, houses should be ventilated and interior surfaces disinfected regularly.


Avoid as far as possible sharing objects and cutlery with other people. If unavoidable clean your hands afterwards.

The Deputy Director-General of Health also said that care should be taken with the consumption of alcohol which may reduce the sense of the need of safety among family members and friends.